Blackrod & Bolton Goju Ryu Karate


Sensei Amanda Winstanley annouces new club opening in the Hide Away Scout Hut Walmsley.

Classes are 7pm-8pm every Tuesday night,

Beginners welcome.

All age groups welcome.

Learn a martial art which is recognised to deliver the best self defence.

Chief Instructor Sensei Amanda Winstanley BKA 7th Dan ,One of the highest ranking Sensei of Go Ju Ryu Karate in the country.

Address : Hideaway Scout Hut, Blackburn Road, Egerton, Bolton, Lancashire, BL7 9SA

Updated 18/4/2016


Always wanted to try Karate ??

why not give it a go ???

Your first lesson is now Free!!!!

" Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain"

For a limited time only , click here to download a flyer which you can print off at home, bring along to your first lesson and get it FREE !!!!

and thats not all, there is two copies of the flyer on the link, cut one out and give to a friend, join together and develop in Karate skills over the years, enjoy learning a recognised art and sport.

Schools are now teaching GoJu Ryu as part of the national curriculm and it is recognised as being an integeral part of the sporting syllabus.

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Traditional Okinawan GoJu Ryu Karate

Chief Instructor Amanda Winstanley (BKA 7th Dan(Shichidan) with over 45 years of Experience

The club is over 35 years old and boasts over 40 active Blackbelts to 5th Dan grade

Ages from 5+ are welcome

Mix ability classes allow progression at your own pace.

Beginners always welcome

We teach traditional Goju Ryu Karate with a modern view to self defence.

The Club prides itself on a friendly and open atmosphere were everyone is willing to help you achieve your goals.

We also teach our core values





Self Control



Any enquires please email Sensei Winstanley -


Many thanks to Garswood Academy Of Karate-Do for the use of some of their images in this website. Thanks Sensei Tony Bewley and team. 

We have a Risk Assessment, if you would like to view it in PDF format,

please  click here 

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