Blackrod & Bolton Goju Ryu Karate

All training core values are taught hand in hand with the GoJu Ryu Karate system. These have been adopted over the years by all recognised GoJu Ryu Academys over the UK and the world.

Learning martial arts is about mind and body. Although we may teach self defence we understand how dangerous this learning can be in the wrong hands. By training our students in the core values we shall endeavour to make them understand that the only time we use our art is in the defence of ourselves or loved ones.

Character - To be a better person

Sincerity - To be truthful to one's self and each other

Effort - To try hard in all things

Etiquette - To treat each other with respect

Self Control - To control yourself in moments of confrontation

Dedication - To attend training and persevere in all that you do

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