Blackrod & Bolton Goju Ryu Karate

KATA means, literally, shape or form. Each KATA has hidden secrets which are known as Bunkai (Analysis/Assembly) the Katas listed below form the core teachings of the GoJu Ryu system.

Gekisai Dai Ichi (To destroy introduction number 1)

Gekisai Dai Ni (To destroy introduction number 2) 

Sanchin (3 battles) 

Saifa (To destroy by pounding/pulverising) 

Seiyunchin (Grasping, pulling, unbalancing)
Shisochin (To destroy in 4 directions)
Tensho (Rotating palms)
Sanseru (36 hands or movements)
Sepai (18 hands or movements)
Kururunfa (Holding on long and striking suddenly)
Seisan (13 hands or movements)
Suparinpei (108 hands or movements)

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